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Run With The Big Bears

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Bears XC  Hall of Fame:

Recognizing the greatest Bears for the excellence of their character, performance, and overall contributions to our program. They are the standard of excellence, and their inspiration to coaches and teammates sets the foundation that championship dreams are built upon.

Victory is an ode to preparation, because fast and flashy stands upon the shoulders of slow and steady. The early summer mornings, spent running & building fitness, repetition replicates the sound planning and unavoidable pathway trailblazed by singular talents years before. If you're ever lucky to see a special race, a dominating season, or a championship triumph, please know that many deliberate building blocks were placed days, months, and seasons ago. It's a procession of dreams dared and running soles bared. And maybe sometimes, it all clicks together to make plans whole. If you've cheered this season, thank you for acknowledging teams and individuals that have steadied their aim and exceeded wild expectations, and hopefully encouraged the next group to brave their limits and stretch towards bigger and faster goals. Just the way it should be.

Cheers to the Bears, battle tested, champion approved.

2018 Inductees

Brynn Elson

Joseph Redmond

2017 Inductees

Brandon Harrington

Trace Johnson

2016 Inductees

Kirsten Fotieo

Alexys Percival

Kyle Kennard

2015 Inductees

Mason Swanson

Noelle Hendrickson

Bryan Cutler

2014 Inductees

Natasha Bernal

Mackenzie Everett

Abigail Napier

Current members:

Tiziana DeHorney

Jordan Grace

Molly Supple

Rebecca Jenks

Erika Firebaugh

Megan Quimby

Laura Lavezo

Jessica Knewitz

Hunter Firebaugh

Ben Miller

Kyle Fast Wolf

Nikolai Mondragon

Kevin Craft

Matt Everett