La Cueva Cross Country

Run With The Big Bears

Our site is designed to inform all family & friends of La Cueva XC, and serve as the main information hub for team activities & functions.



Important notices or deadlines will always be communicated in three ways; at practice in person, on this page, and on the Facebook page linked here. Weekly announcements are as follows-

As we begin our season, it is important to have good shoes, water, and proper running apparel everyday for practice. Students without these three requirements will not be allowed to participate. This training block will be focused on strengthening and aerobic training. We start things off with much needed down week in mileage before getting into our first tempo runs of the season. We are going to train hard and smart this season. Consistency is key, which means following the training plan and coming to practice. If you cannot make practice please communicate with Coach Kyle, Coach Matt, or Coach Mackenzie

  • Practice Locations- 10/7-10/12 LC @3:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted

    • Monday- LCHS for JV and C-Team Core 3 x Mile (3-4 min rest), 3 x 300m

      • Top 8 Runners meet at Academy Hills Park @ 3:15 Core 4-5 mile repeats

    • Tuesday- Easy 30 mins easy / 4 strides

    • Wednesday- @ 3:00 at Heritage Hills Park JV and C-Team Tempo / Varsity 45-55 minute run

    • Thursday- Circuit Run 3-4 laps / Varsity Hills 7:00 a.m.

    • Friday- Premeet / Strides 3:00 p.m.

    • Saturday- Metro Championships

      • 9:15 am Girls Open B Race (8:00 arrival)

      • 10:00 am Boys Open B Race (8:15 arrival)

      • 10:45 am Girls Open A Race (9:00 arrival)

      • 11:30 am Boys Championship Race (9:00 arrival)

      • 12:00 pm Girls Championship Race (9:00 arrival)

      • 12:30 pm Boys Open A Race (9:00 arrival)

        * Athletes who arrive more than 10 minutes later than their assigned arrival times will be scratched from their races

  • Practice Locations- 10/14-10/19 LC @3:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted

    • Monday- JV and C-Team 10 x 400 (90 second rest)

    • Tuesday- Easy 30 mins easy / 4 strides *Core*

    • Wednesday- @ 3:15 at Spain Trailhead Long run / long hills

    • Thursday- 30-40 easy / Strides

      Friday- Pre-Meet / Strides

    • Saturday- Rio Rancho Jamboree

  • Practice Locations- 10/20-10/26 LC @3:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted

    • Monday- @3:15 Ben Greiner EVERYONE (Photos then, yes running )

    • Tuesday- Easy 30 mins easy / 4 strides *Core*

    • Wednesday- @ 3:15 at Alameda

    • Thursday- Circuit Run 4-5 laps

    • Friday- 3:15 @ Ben Greiner Pre-Meet / Strides

    • Saturday- Sandia Invite Conclusion of the JV/C-Team Season

      *Uniforms due after the race fees for missing jerseys will be turned into the office 11/14

  • At meets it is imperative that you check in with a coach when you arrive and check out with a coach when you leave. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. 9/10/17

  • Transportation/Injuries- If you are in need of a ride to practice or are injured please talk to one of the coaching staff immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes for us to help you.

  • Physicals- Physicals must be turned in before an athlete can compete. Athletes cannot practice without a completed physical after 8/12.