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Our site is designed to inform all family & friends of La Cueva XC, and serve as the main information hub for team activities & functions.


Coaches Corner

A place for our coaches to share important learning opportunities covering a wide range of topics: nutrition, strengthening exercises, training theory, sports psychology, and much more.


Nutrition Philosophy

Our eating habits have evolved over the years into what they are today due to two different things:

  1. Knowledge we’ve gained from sports science people we work with and our own personal research.

  2. Paying attention to our bodies and what they tell us about the food we’re eating.

The years of gathering information have allowed us to settle on 6 main things that we know work for us and try to stick to. Here they are:  


What You Need to Eat to Get Faster and Go Longer

A guide to carbs, protein, and hydration for athletes who need fuel for the long haul! Simply click the link below to become a more well-rounded athlete with the knowledge to protect & fuel your body.


The 7 Best Stretches for your IT Band

Runners know all too well that any sort of sharp pain—whether it’s in the shins, knees, or ankles—can put a sudden end to training days. One of the most common running injuries is illiotibial band (IT band) syndrome, which occurs when the IT band becomes inflamed. Click the article link to learn how to safeguard & manage your IT band.