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2014 Season End "Thank You":

Our 2014-2015 XC season was an excellent reminder of the caliber of Bears that we are surrounded by. Every day at practice was a special time to share our love of running, and the quality of your company is something that we will always cherish. We want to wish the absolute best of luck to the Seniors leaving our program, your dedication and leadership helped to shape our team for the better. Please know that you are always welcomed to visit/join/cheer us on in the future.

Always Go Bears,

Coach Nick, Coach Jackie, and Coach Matt

As we close out our successful school year, keep an eye towards your progression as an athlete during the summer. Ideally, I would love for you all to download the Summer Training Schedule to document your training and build consistency with your running. A consistent summer training will do wonders to build fitness and improve your running ability.

If you would like to continue to build fitness, please take a look at the following helpful training outlines. As a rule of thumb, I would encourage these practices:

  • 1 long run per week (50 minutes minimum)
  • 1 hard workout per week (fartlek, hill sprints
  • 2 medium length runs per week (fast,hard strides after your run)
  • 2 easy days per week/ cross training (30-45 minutes, strides mandatory)
  • 1 rest day, no running

XC Training Philosophy

XC Offseason Training Fundamentals